What are the actual numbers behind the resource consumption of habitats?

I know that the speed at which habitats consume their resources is dependent on the number of people living in them, and I’m pretty sure that the actual level of the habitat affects the speed too. But does anyone know the actual math and numbers behind this consumption? I wanna use it to plan ahead.

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I wish there was a better way to keep track of habitat demands as well. i.e. my Manufacturing tab tells me I have plenty of survival food, Oxygen, and so forth, yet the habitats have icons stating they are not getting them fast enough. I stratigically place the production buildings reasonably near my habitats, and still get downgrades because it’s taking too long. Currently, I’m going by what is lacking in the habitats, instead of relying only the the Manufactoring tab. It would be easier if we could see how many basic survival buildings we need as our habitats upgrade, and our city grows

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