Weird Bug with Storehouse

I was working with one way roads and intersections, the exit of my storehouse switched to enter only. Now it does that on every store house I build. I even started a new game and placed down a store house to test, and it has 2 entrances no exits. Anyone know how to fix this?

The large Storehouse always had two entrances, and no exits.

This can only be changed by downloading a mod.
Maybe you used a mod that changed this in the past?

No mods, just got the game yesterday. I clicked on the intersection to check the lanes and when I tried to change the lane lines the exit switched direction. And it did it to every new storehouse I build, in this save and new games. And no The right side is entrance and left side is exit for delivering say Steel to Something that needs it. Though you might be right, but how do you get steel out and send it to a factory otherwise?

The Construction Material Storage is only for collecting building materials (Concrete/Steel/Adamantine).
It cannot send out materials.

If another factory needs steel, it has to be delivered directly from the steel mill,
or through a collection / distribution center.

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