Watchtower feedback

Can we have colonists who are in watchtowers not leave them in combat, unless specifically ordered to? It’s really annoying when they shoot their bows a few times then get out of the tower to rush into melee.

In my opinion if they are toggled in combat mode and ordered to sit in a watchtower, they should sit in it no matter what. Maybe if you displayed a bow range indicator on the ground players could see “hmm they can’t reach that enemy” and will remove them from the watchtower accordingly. Just don’t let them leave automatically because it feels like they’re disobeying orders, which is frustrating. Especially since some of us put bow users in there because we don’t have enough good armor and only a few training points in soldier - might as well give them a bow rather than have an unarmored unskilled colonist get knocked out after a few seconds in melee.

It’s already bad enough they can’t seem to shoot enemies who are too close - this leaves a small zone where they are able to shoot at the enemy and they usually only get a couple of shots (which probably explains why they leave the watchtower…). Additionally bows can inflict friendly fire. It’s almost like there’s no point building watchtowers. They take a long time to research too.

I actually tried creating “ghetto sniper perches” by building stairs up one floor, then building a walkway for a colonist with a bow to stand on. Unfortunately they won’t shoot at enemies from above, they’ll just rush downstairs to go into melee -_-

Hey @Avilla, which version are you on? Check the bottom left of the main menu.

I have the GOG release, the installer said 1.0.2 I think. Is it updated already? My bad, must’ve missed it. I don’t like launchers, so I periodically check whether the installers have been updated.

I see. Yeah Update 1.1 was released last Friday and fixed a couple of bugs with towers. Archers in towers can shoot at enemies at their base, archers in stone towers can shoot over fortification walls, friendly fire is off, arrows no longer miss their target and deal more damage.

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