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I have played 26 hours in the last 2 days, been an absolute blast of a binge. Managed to get quite a few unique city scapes built, came to realize that something that would help my OCD as well as manage inventory is the ability to store things into warehouses ( raw materials mostly ) creating districts that constantly feed those warehouses and the warehouses feeding other districts ( RCE would call me an Architect for this - want to tidy it all up for the terraforming xD )

Think this could be especially a big help in the game when you have to transport certain things from one side of the map for refinement.

PS: Would we be able to see the seed of the maps that were generated? or be able to use seeds to get onto specifically generated maps?

Amazing game, keep up the good work!

If your warehouse is supposed to take in goods on one end of the map and pouring them out again at the other end of the map, magically teleporting them across vast distances, then that’s almost certainly not happening. Because it would entirely take away the challenge of transport and traffic management. This game is called Infraspace after all :rofl:

If on the other hand your warehouse is merely supposed to collect a lot of goods in a central space so they can be transported in one highly concentrated connection to another warehouse, from where they are distributed to the individual consumers, well that’s exactly what train stations are.

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No no, nothing as sinister as defeating the purpose of the game, i like the challenge the logistics and traffic bring :joy:.

Which is a fair point using the train stations, which I am doing as there is no alternative. However, I have a single spot on the map with Aluminium, that is literally on the other side of the map for me. Every time my city needs something. The only way to get the required materials for production, it has to travel the entire distance when it is required. The mines stand still until it needs to send out the raw materials.

Suggestion is only to have a storage space where materials can be transported to that; one, could enhance the distrcits capabilities, and two assist with having more than one way of skinning the preverbial cat when it comes to planning out the city and its logistics and making sure there is always an flux of raw materials ready for production

Ok I get what your problem is. There are some ways to alleviate your problem but I don’t think there’s any mechanism in the game that outright solves it.

You should have more than one aluminum crater though? Well if this is your first city then rest assured that I also build my city decently far away from both aluminum and methane in my first save. Ever since I know to build closer :smiley:

What also helps is to have a single high speed connection (super Highway, 1 lane is often enough) going from the source to the sink without any other stuff merging in or branching off, just designed according to the shortest route possible.

Went to look just to make sure I am not being dumb. There are 3 of them, all on the opposite ends of the map. The reason why i built in the area i did was because it had a nice big open space that didn’t require much laser work to clear terrain :sweat_smile:
Seem to be paying for that now :joy:

Might try and use a combo of railways and gondolas to get it to where I am building to get everything built, especially where the Uranium spots are :raised_hands:

You are probably not dumb. The aluminum spots can be quite out of the way. That’s why I specifically pay attention to them when choosing where to settle for my main industry.

I like the octagonal city layout by the way :+1: Are the two lone stadiums implying that you want to build two more of them?

When I checked, they were all on the edge of the map, the one in the corner :sweat_smile: It will be a late game mining site :joy:

Thanks! Correct, the Stadiums are the center point, add the schools around them and parks closer to the edges. They are very efficient and the layout does lend toward having a more diverse habitat selection.

I want to move to a point where I can move all of the resources in the middle to their own areas and then build a central railway that can connect all of the “Cities” so it would make it easier to distribute everything

Went to try out the way I planned the city and moved so many things, been a busy 10 hours :sweat_smile: this is why I was suggesting the warehouses

It struggles to deliver everything in time, i have this massive backlog of things to be delivered to each of the houses. Habitats being upgraded and downgraded in a given period of time :melting_face:

However, the train thing is super fun to play with :laughing:

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I see you found about “city blocks” strategy but those games does not have “The right way to play” you can literally do whatever you want and still finish :slight_smile: (i tryed it xD )

For example - I built one city block and the i realised that every single city block can have its own “factory” to cut down tha traffic - so now you does not build city block but “colony block” that has all precisely calculated resources and the only ones coming in are the raw ones :smiley:

Try it its fun and it opens up new view on the game.

(Also i wanted to try to “rebuild” the real city to simulate traffic from the real world - so hop on google maps find a interesting city and try to build it )

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