"Wants X in his house"

I’m wondering if this means the colonists wants his own house. Currently two of them want a food storage from campfire in their house. Thing is, we have one. I built a second one, but it still isn’t being fulfilled. It’s not saying in their “room”. It says in their house.

So I made a small separate structure and moved one of their beds into there. Then he was jealous of the room he previously shared with another (of course, he only had a bed and food storage from campfire! hehe) But the wanting that storage in his house still didn’t fulfill. (So I moved everything back)

Hey Malania, that seems like a bug to me. Probably something with the room/house recognition code. Does it keep happening when you save and reload?

If it keeps happening, would you mind sending me your file so I can investigate? This post describes how to find it.


Just opened the game and that save - and yeah, they still have this wish :blush: Here’s a screenshot:

The main house has one, as well as the little individual test house over to the side I tried.

I joined Discord to send the game file :wink:

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I tried few things like Malania because i have exactly the same problem. I dont find other topic about this. Do you have new about this?

Thank you.


I did have this “bug” in the past some time.

It’s because it don’t think the house or the room where the shelf is are in HIS house, so he still need the shelf.

  • For pass this error i created a new house, attributed a new bed in it and added the furniture he need to him to accept it. *

Tell me if it work for you.

Strict building rules; These are not fully accurate, but guides the way:

  • A House count by outer edges of wall.

  • A Room count when built inside a House.

  • Multiple Rooms need to be (connected) in the House to meet conditions.

  • Bedroom meet the same conditions as Room.

  • A House will only count it’s rooms and furniture if included within outer wall, and only the first time you connect final piece of outer wall. (Wall around one house is 1 House).

  • A Wish from a colonist for furniture that already exist in a Room OR House will NOT complete after conditions have been broken by editing and breaking wall. You must build new.

  • If you had a piece of furniture for the colonist already and get Wish for it is either not built correct or conditions have been broken so the furniture no longer count. Avoid by not doing Wishes when editing Housing.

  • Most furniture must be built inside a House.

  • When conditions for Housing are met the owner of the House will acknowledge in Requirements window. Sleeping Bed and the owner of it own the house.


Welcome to the forum @Viko!

@Malhalla is correct: They want new furniture.
Earlier, there was a bug with room recognition, but that should be fixed in Alpha 6.1.
Let me know if it works for for you now :slight_smile:

Actually. All furniture can be moved inside a house and re-used, just not to fulfill a wish, but it works for requirements. A trick is to move bed in and out of house for “bed” to re-scan house.