Very High CPU Usage Alpha 9

Hello, I’m enjoying founders fortune but for some reason the game takes up a ton of CPU, (50%) Causing my fan to get increasingly loud and my CPU temps to get to uncomfortable levels of heat. Love the game but I don’t like playing it for long periods of time because of this. My processor is an intel i7-7920HK running at 2.90GHz if that helps, and my GPU is a GTX 1080 8gb.

Hope the problem can be discovered, cheers.

Hi Dash,

Really sounds like there is a conflict running at the same time, causing a jam or overload.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc

to get up your Task Manager, then scroll through and look for a program other than FF with a medium/high load.

Could also be a virus protector, security program or similar having a conflict.

All I can say is that I’m running a much lower spec machine to yours (the GPU is a GT1030) without any problems what so ever :slight_smile:

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Hi Roo, as I said I was using 50% of my CPU on Founders Fortune alone. I did check task manager.

Hi Dash,

From your original post:

I think you are confusing CPU with RAM - the CPU and RAM are different systems :slightly_smiling_face:

Comparing my system:
i3-8100 @ 3.60GHz with 16GB ram and a video card GT-1030 with 2GB ram

to yours:
i7-7920HK @ 2.90GHz with 16GB ram and a video card GTX-1080 with 8 GB ram

Your system should comfortably out perform mine in the video department.

When I run FF I get:
CPU @ 30-40% with ram at 38% steady
GPU @ 1-100% with ram at 30-40% range but mostly at 30%

The GPU processor probably averages around 25% over 5 minutes of average game play. My village has a full contingent of 11 Foundies plus all goblin villages are active, while the game is in early Spring which is a busy time with all Foundies doing tasks.

All I can think is either you have a lot of background programs running at the same time or there is a conflict somewhere.

Check your ‘Start-up’ programs in Task Manager and carefully disable any that are not essential for your systems normal performance.

Maybe download the free version of CCleaner and do a few system clean-outs.

hth roo :slight_smile:

Hi @Dash I hear your concerns.

Check all of roo’s suggestions, they’re good. But also, please post a screenshot of your task manager with Founders’ Fortune running in the background, just so I can see the raw numbers. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey Roo,

I have to apologize for my miswording, don’t know how I didn’t notice that I implied that my CPU has 16gb on it, as that is my RAM. My issue is with the CPU I just worded it very poorly and I’ll adjust my post to remove any mentions of GBs to prevent confusion.

Sorry !

EDIT: Even though my issue was with the CPU, I decided to try out your suggestions anyways. removing unessential startup programs and running CC Cleaner. It didn’t seem to help.

Hello Daniel,

Here is the screenshot you requested. I find it important to note that I don’t suffer any sort of frame drops in the slightest, just very high CPU usage.


P.S: The program other than FF that took up the most CPU was only using 5% and I don’t usually have this many tabs open when I play. Just doing school work.

That is indeed very strange to have such high CPU usage during normal gameplay.
Does it happen even if you just started the game?
Is it the same if you start a new game or is it a lot higher in your save?

If it’s an issue with your save, you can send it to me at Can’t promise that I’ll get to it because it’s low priority if you don’t experience any framedrops. But I myself am also interested in why this is happening.

After booting a new exciting world save and waiting about a minute, my CPU usage was at 45%, a little bit less.

Hi again Dash,

After rebooting your system after the ‘Start-up’ and ‘CC’ clean ups there should have been a change in both cpu and memory usage, so has that been noticeable to you?

Can you add the top row of your screenshot - total cpu & ram - thanks :slight_smile:
This will help to see what your total running system was/is using.
Also a full screenshot of your performance tab in Task Manager with the GPU selected would also give a complete view of both processors running at the same time.

Just a few quick checks:
Are you using Alpha 9.1 ?
Are you using any add-on game cheat ?

If thats yes and no, then that helps in the diagnosis.

Comparing our computer systems just on the cpu your benchmark is roughly 25% higher
i7-7920 - benchmark - 9974
i3-8100 - benchmark - 8019

yet running FF the
i7-7920 - 54.6%
i3-8100 - 29.7%

At a rough guess, your cpu should be running at 24% under FF.exe

So there is a problem and quite a large one at that with your software somewhere…

More prodding and poking required :smiley:

As @Daniel said, can you also send me your game save file and I will look at it today?

Mail to:

Its an old email address I don’t normally use, so I use it for online stuff :slight_smile: