Version 9.1.202 broke intersection management

After the most recent patch, the game no longer maintains and persists any changes that are made to an intersection’s traffic management when you click back onto the intersection again later. If you make changes to the traffic flow mapping or management style and then click away from that intersection and the click back to that intersection, the game immediately reverts that intersection back to the default traffic management settings.

Step 1: Click on an intersection and make any change.
Step 2: Click anywhere else
Step 3: Click back on the intersection and observe that the intersection reverts to the default settings.

This worked fine in version 9.1.200 and doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a new or saved game. I’ve been able to reproduce the behavior in both a new game and in older loaded game saves.

If you look in the last screenshot you can see the traffic lights are still placed. It’s just showing you the lane adjustment tool.

It is rather confusing. The second button adds lights, the third the give way signs, the fourth removes the lights and give way signs. The first button just toggles to the lane management tool.

What might be happening here is that what you see in pic 2 is for the trafic light management. It shows you which lanes get a green light during wich phase of the cycle. It’s not the same as the lane management you see in pics 1 and 4 and it has a different function.

You can see that in pic 2 you have the traffic light selected (second button from the top) and in pic 1 and 4 you have the lane management selected (top button).

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