Version 6.7.77 will not start

Downloaded and extracted twice. Start new game and accept Alpha version notice. Screen goes black background with turning mining icon and goes no further. Waited up to 1/2 hour.

I also have the same problem.
Had to ‘End Task’ in the Task Manager
Here is the last lines of the Player.log file.

Scene 'Scenes/ProceduralWorldDesert' couldn't be loaded because it has not been added to the build settings or the AssetBundle has not been loaded.
To add a scene to the build settings use the menu File->Build Settings...

Ah, I’m sorry I should have double checked the final build and the game should have let you know it had trouble loading a lot earlier. World generation usually doesn’t take much longer than loading a save.

@gakivi and @jtaultis1 I just uploaded a fix, let me know if you run into any other issues :slight_smile:

Thank You, It is working.
Onward to build a new city, Colony Alpha VI