Version 5.1 Bugs

Im on playing around with reshaping city and increasing stuff, looks great, Im seeing alot more traffic moving around, maybe i did have disapearing before and never noticed lol, love that there is no flicker now when moving the map.

So onto new bugs:
The survivalfood and fertilizer icon flickering that is now fixed - great job btw
There is now some other buildings doing that same icon flickering at max zoom out.
Park , Iron mine and Copper mine

Havnt seen anything else yet :smiley:

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Hi! i dont know if it is a bug but is normal to have 4 schools for 12 x lvl4 habitats and dont increase at all?? the schoools are even closer to hab then comp or robots

Yes the school needs looked at, this will be something the devs will look at soon im sure, its a balancing issue for lvl4 habitats, the schools are working, its the habitats use the points too fast.

In my test area i have 10 habitats with 5 schools, the bar for points is going up and back down quickly, this is very similar to the stadiums before they fixed it, 5 schools for 10 habitats seems to work for now

atleast the schools are alot smaller and cheeper than the stadiums lol

We released Alpha 5.2 on Friday with some balancing quickfixes, especially on the higher city levels.