Vehicle seem to disappear

This game is really awesome any I will be first in line to purchase it when it becomes available, you guys are doing an amazing job, thanks for the regular fixes.

I pcked up an issue with the vehicles from the basic farms and air processors moving and disappearing at a point, this is after my population reached 1000. This was at the newly built farms and air processors

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You’ll need to bulldoze the road that your offending build is on and create a single road between intersections. There’s probably a node (hidden intersection) in between that the trucks are getting confused at. It’s a blue circle you’ll see in the road when in bulldoze mode. Sometimes the buildings won’t reconnect to the road, so you’ll need to bulldoze those too and rebuild them as well. Make sure you have the resources to rebuild! (steel and concrete)

@Clone I’ve been dealing with this too.

I have found that placing a small dead end default road perpendicular, connected to the road node (blue circle on road) where the trucks are disappearing solves the problem.

You will have to leave it there if you are using 2 or 3 lane roads and want buildings to connect to them.

Thanks all for the advice, I will try

Sorry for the issue and thanks for the nice words.

Currently any instability with cars disappearing seems to be related to multi-lane roads. It’s on our list.