"Variety of kitchen food or baked goods"

Should colonists automatically choose food to satisfy this requirement? I had a guy who had yellow satisfaction due to this and was blocking migrants. I had all of the food shelves in his house, however even after several eating cycles he still remained yellow. Only after I explicitly told him to “eat kitchen food” he turned green.

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Welcome to the forum @gyorokpeter!

Yeah colonists usually satisfy these requirements themselves. That’s why you only had one guy that was unfulfilled, the rest took their food just fine.

Now why did he not eat kitchen food? There could be many reasons, maybe the food shelf was blocked when he was trying to eat or the storage was empty for a minute or he was too far away and decided to take some food from a nearby foodshelf.

When these kinds of things happen one time, I tink it’s ok to just let the player tell him what to do, rather than making the AI fulfill their food expectation no matter the price :smiley:

Thanks. I actually made sure that every house has all 3 kinds of food shelves (they will ask for them anyway). Maybe it’s because some houses are far away from the “town center” which I did because otherwise they wouldn’t mine the iron ore halfway across the map.

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