Varieties of kitchen products don't valid

I have this expectation on some of my characters: “varieties of kitchen products or bakery” but despite having several varieties in cooking and baking this is not validated.

what does it take to validate this expectation?

thank you

Hi @vears and welcome to the forum!

First thing: There is a bug where the colonists forget what they ate just after loading a saved game.
If that’s not case:

As stated, you need some food from the kitchen and some food from the bakery available. They should eat a varied diet automatically, but you can test this easily yourself by forcing a colonist to eat kitchen food first and then bakery food and the expectation should turn green.
Does this work for you?

The only other problem I could think of is that your colonist might be allergic to strawberries and you’re offering him strawberry cake as the only baked food. He’s not going to dare eating the cake just to have variety, of course :smiley:

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Hi @Daniel

not the bug of the loaded part.
since my message 2 of my 3 settlers waiting for varieties of food had their expectation that went green.
if I understand correctly, to validate the wait: it is necessary that the colonists eat products they want (from kitchen and bakery) one after the other.

I will look if the last colon waiting for food variations is not allergic;)

thank you

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