Vanishing trucs

What happens when a truck vanishes? This happens mainly when I change/upgrade roads and is probably caused by a resulting pathfinding error. It’s a bit annoying, but I’m curious as to what happens. Are these resources lost?

I think so, they are not being deliverd so i guess

Yeah I’ve had the same thoughts so I made a little factory off the side of my main map to test some things in very small scale and discovered that when the truck disappears which ever building, mine w/e immediately spawns a new truck to replace it. Not a huge deal for ore to do it but high tier items can hurt, I remember on some of my first maps upgrading like every road while paused then losing basically everything spawned on there when unpausing and then watching as half my population was killed off due to downgrades.

Since basic resources are infinite, all you lose is time, but it’s still anoying and I hope it gets changed at some point. Athough I suppose it’s a lot easier said than done.