UX / QoL improvements

Didn’t see anywhere else to post this. A few simple tweaks that I think would greatly improve the UX:

  • scrolling is frustratingly slow. should be faster,

** and this problem can be a non-issue with a navigable mini-map and/or full map.

  • there should be more speeds than just 1x and 2x. the obvious is 1x,2x, and 4x. But one might also consider an 8x, or using a 3x multiple instead: 1x,3x, and 9x. The higher speeds are important, esp for more experienced players.

  • it was difficult to figure out how to lay down a road at first. maybe add some simple detail in the tutorial, like left-click the start, left-click the end

  • Also i couldn’t tell if the road construction was selected, even though every time you click on it it toggles. should be some indicator.

  • I sometimes accidentally lay something that collides with another object. then i have to delete it. the game shouldn’t let you do this. nobody ever does this on purpose. it doesn’t add anything to the game that it lets you do this. just an annoyance.

  • I figured out that the red “ban” icon (often used for cancel) is the demolish icon. then to exit demolish mode i tried right-clicking and left-clicking… nothing. so i switched to move mode (the omni-arrow icon next to it), left-clicked, and then that worked – i got back to the arrow icon. This should have exited demolish mode, too. simple left click or right click.

i think that’s about it. might be one or two more i forgot. each one should be a pretty quick fix that improves the user experience a lot.

i guess this could be a thread for simple user experience / quality of life improvements?

Hold Shift and press WSAD to scroll faster.

Anything higher than 1x kills the game performance. If you have a large city, 2x performance is unplayable.

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Okay then thats an issue they need ro address first. We call this n CompSci a “computational complexity priblem”.

For example shuffling a deck of cards. if the tme to sort them grows with the factorial of the number of cards, then you need to stop working on implementing the rules of solitaire, and focus instead on the shuffling algorothm.

The gane isn’t Iviable until that problem is solved.

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