UX bugs - invisible buildings, duplicate buildings

When I’m moving / deleting buildings, it often places invisible buildings. Sometimes the red “collide” icon shows, sometimes not even that. The only way to fix it is to save/reload the game. I think it’s somehow connected to move/delete being active.

The expected behaviour would be to switch to default mode (exit move, exit delete, deselect any buildings, remove any extra windows) on right click. Maybe the issue is that I keep trying to right click to go back to default mode.

Move / Delete should also be exclusive or, i.e. both of them should never be active, it’s pointless.

In the latest update (12.6.259) this happens more often and the UX is buggy, for example when delete/move is active, pressing “P” to show the production window doesn’t work but I can open it with the mouse.

When move is active and I try to place a building, it sometimes shows the little side road only that connects the building to the road but not the actual building. Deselecting “move” fixes this.

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