Upgrading to lightning rail

Hello. Love the game. But found a problem:
When I’m upgrading my train tracks to level 3 it is very glitchy at times. When I click on the rail to upgrade, it sometimes, not always, creates horrible slalom bends when the track before was smooth or even a straight. A few times I’ve seen it create layers of the rails on top of each other when I click to upgrade. So I get double or triple rail in the exact same path. If that happens the graphics starts to glitch quite bad.

When we are on the subject I want to suggest a couple of things:

  • To click on each separate track-part takes ages and is a chore. I would like to upgrade all tracks in one click or at least hold down shift to upgrade the whole track I was clicking. (But this would not be feasible if the bug described above is left in the game).

  • Trains seems to live there own life and take new paths and go to new stations as they wish. I was expecting that if I create a line between a few station it would follow that line. It could be an option however to let trains decide themselves or follow my instructions.

  • It would be very nice if we could create double tracks at once. Especially when the station is far away it’s not that fun to draw rail in both directions.

Looking forward to new versions with fixes and new features :slight_smile:


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