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Hi I recently bought the game in November after watching the dev for awhile . Love the game and hope to see more updates like new islands being able to build boats , fish etc maybe bigger maps and definatley ai colonies , was just wondering I’ve been checking the news section daily for last two months just wondering how the next part of development is going ?


Hi NZDevlin :slight_smile:

Welcome from across the ditch and afar :upside_down_face:

Generally, news of new game development is posted just before a new release is imminent.

There is an outline of ideas under “Our Roadmap” at: https://foundersfortune.com/store/

The Dev’s take note of most new ideas and probably have a list, with priorities and ease of building with which to work with.

Of course, the Dev’s also have their own idea’s on game development (roadmap), plus as the game develops some ideas change.

With the holiday season, I’m sure the Dev’s needed a break as well, so there naturally would be a small gap in Alpha updates.

A little bird mentioned that the next update will be in (roughly) 4 weeks with some interesting (unexpected) new features to be added - I personally cannot wait :drooling_face:


Awesome sounds cool and hey Budd hope the fires have cooled down over there… Yeah I understand my suggestions are just that , the other thing I thought of was maybe adding a below ground level for mining and many other options and possibilities … Looking forward to the next update glad things are just Abit quiet not dead

You don’t have to worry about it, DEV work hard on the project even if he is alone the dev is not dead he work everyday on fix/next update/help/etc :slight_smile: they are just a little quiet cuz they are focused on the dev. :slight_smile:


Hey @NZDevlin and welcome to the forum!

@roo and @JordanPANDA are well informed - A february release seems quite probable :wink:
The new game systems are almost all working and I’m now spending a lot of time working with contractors on the new models and animations as well as working on the UI and programming myself.

When I’m deep in development I tend to forget media and updates sometimes, but you can always ask :slight_smile: