Update 5.1 released - Bugfixes + Balancing

Hello everyone, thanks for checking out our first Alpha version!

Over the weekend we received a lot of feedback and reports and now we have a long list of todos :smiley:
Today, we released Alpha 5.1 to fix the most important issues:

  • Rebalanced City Level 4 to be easier to obtain
  • Fixed flickering for some AMD users
  • Fixed missing cars for some AMD users
  • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze if you completed electronics research before finishing the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where research labs would continue to consume resources after research was done.

Happy playing and keep the feedback coming :slight_smile:

Your main menu will include a link to update your game in the bottom left!

Thanks Daniel. Started a new game and it looks great - I can even see the trucks now which makes placing strategic junctions so much more effective.