Unable to select any object

Unable to select any object to place (building, road, rails etc), unable to delete any object and all trains have frozen in place (No, I haven’t accidentally left the game paused! :)). Current save unplayable.

Hey, thanks for the report!

We’re starting a big bugfix session on Monday and may start work on important bugs before that.

Would you mind sending your save to us so we can investigate the issue?
settings → open saves folder → zip → daniel@dionicsoftware.com

Thanks for the help!

Hi Daniel,

Sure thing, will send the save file over shortly. Thanks in advance for taking a look!

Edit: @Daniel - Ref the recent update patch, " Fixed a save loading issue that might fix an issue some players had with placing buildings and roads. Let us know if issues persist and send us your save for investigation" - Thought I’d let you know that the issue has persisted in the save I sent through yesterday.

i currently have the same problem, i am unable to play any further in my save because i can not place or destroy anthing. when i go back to a autosave it happens after a couple of minutes no matter what i do. is there something i can do to same my file?


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@Daniel - You are indeed a man of your word! All issues I was experiencing have now been resolved as far as I can tell with two hours game play! Thanks for the work behind the scenes!

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