Unable to Bury Bodies

Since downloading the new update today 7/17/2020, I have been unable to bury any dead bodies. Have graves and doctors. Not option even provided when I click on the bodies for bury. Anyone else having this trouble?

Hey, just answered the question here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1104330/discussions/2/2792745783002204858/

If you look at that thread. I am not the only person having this issue. I have graves nearby. I have a doctor even selected (tried them all) I right click on the body. It did let me remove equipment. But the option Bury, when I right click, does not even come up as an option to pick. I deleted that save, wandering if it was because the animals are not updated on it, and started another. I tried a harder map, purposely chosen, they are bound to die at least one. Same issue, have grave, select live colonist, right click on body and no option shows for Bury. Even tried on another save where i have an Islander that I left to rot. Again no option. I have been playing for close to a month and am really enjoying the game. I do understand the mechanics on how to bury my dead. :worried: :confused:

After a long time away, I just started playing the game again. Still loving it, but also running into things I forgot. I thought the burying thing was one of them, but seeing this I believe I might have the same issue. I have tried all 3 different types of graves, have a fully leveled up doctor, but no option to bury my dead colonist. Bit sad for the new colonist now sharing a room with a stinking corpse :sweat_smile:

edit: not sure if it’s relevant, but the dead colonists are also still in the list of colonists on the left. I can’t select them from there either.

Hey, could you try burying again? I just released an update today. Dead people should only hang around on the left side for a couple of minutes.

I did a really quick check on a goblin body I had lying around. Bury was an option! Buried successfully. I will play more later when I get a chance to make sure there were no other issues with that.

Thanks for the quick update! I just tried it, both my deceased colonists are now resting peacefully in a grave.
The dead ones stuck around in the left menu as long as I was playing yesterday, but were gone when I loaded up today. Not sure what was going on there, but thought I’d mention it, just in case.