UI suggestions

So far I am loving the game, but did notice some UI tweaks might make it more enjoyable for me. Perhaps others may agree too:

  • the combat mode is very useful, but I got in serious trouble because I kept forgetting to turn it off after an attack. Perhaps it is an idea to make this more visibly different than the normal gamemode?

  • Because I have a large display, I don’t play the game in fullscreen, but in windowed mode (1280x1024). This make the GUI a bit small, would it be possible to give us an option to change the size of the GUI scale?

Keep up the good work!

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Good suggestions. Definitely heard the combat mode suggestion before. How about having the fight music on whenever someone is in combat mode?

Interesting idea with the UI scaling, I might have a look at it later.


That is not a bad idea! Personally, I would prefer a visual indicator, because I don’t always have the music on… :sweat_smile:

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I agree with all the suggestions in this thread.

Combat mode music and a red border around the colonists heads or similar would be great.
EDIT: Just realised combat mode currently adds a yellow background to the colonist icons. Maybe make this pulsate to draw attention to it when we don’t want to be in combat mode.
An auto leave combat option would be awesome. Maybe after 1 minute of being idle or similar?

UI scaling is pretty important as well. I use a TV as a monitor, and it is around 3m away, and my eyes are getting old. Scaling up to 125-150% without it ruining everything is an amazing help in most games. In saying that, the FF UI is already pretty big, and easy to read. What scale do you usually use in other games @ShyMaiden?

The default one, I think. I may have changed things in games before, but not regularly enough to remember. As long as I play fullscreen, the UI scale is fine. It gets a bit difficult when I play the windowed version. It seems like everything gets shrunk to about half size then. I can still read everything, but it would be more comfortable for me if the UI could be a little bigger.

Combat mode: Still on our list, didn’t make it for Alpha 8 :smiley:

UI scaling: The difficulty we have is that some menus already take up all of the available width of the screen. We’d need to hide some resources in a submenu for that…

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Yay for the combat mode!

And I see how the width of the screen could make things difficult. Purely speaking for myself, the resources at the top of the screen are fine, even if I play on the smaller scale. It is mostly the bottom UI and longer pieces of texts (like the mouseover bits) that are a bit hard to read sometimes. I’m not sure, but it seems like the numbers next to the resources are a bigger font than the rest of the text.

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I think the font is the same size, but maybe the darker background on top makes it easier?