Two Pointed Caps on one stool

:thinking: I think, the first one was eating at this table and the second one wanted the same :smirk:. Funny situation, haha :grinning:.
Ironically I have installed a special lunch table in the floor, but nobody is using it.

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The guy in front standing is “finished” eating and is in limbo state (semi stuck and between commands). The guy behind is sitting on a stool eating normally.

Colonists have difficulties sitting eating at a table and prefer a standalone chair instead. Object collision are “everywhere”.

Also. To get them to use the special lunch table try to remove one chair at each side. Although they still may not use it, for above reasons and that they will use the closest seating, or closest to their next objective.

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You are right, they prefer single stools. This one is even farther away than the one in the room above.

Suddenly I can’t upload pictures or links of them here :thinking:. Strange, yesterday I could.

The forum software was overly careful to not let any spam through, so it ended up blocking imgur for you @thomasjohn :smiley: I fixed it.

Thanks reporting that. It’s one of the things we’ve known about, but decided not to prioritze because there is so much to be done in terms of gameplay :slight_smile:

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This happened to me today so I came to report it, saw this post and figured I would just reply to it. It was actually a bit amusing and definitely not game breaking.

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Yeah, that’s why it’s not been prioritzed in the past. It happens, it can look funny, but it’s ok for now :smiley:

Once we get to the polishing phase, most of the stuff like that is easily fixable.