Tunnels and bridges

These sure could be helpful in minimizing traffic problems.

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Hi. Are you aware you can press R and F to create bridges? :slight_smile:

I didn’t. That works fine. Thank you!

Still, tunnels would be a great thing thats still missing. However I assume that this would make much more work necessary to get a good visualization for tunnels, with a system where the player actually sees where the tunnels lead without the city blocking them. Don’t know how much extra programming work this would mean.


The keys R & F are nice short cuts for smaller bridges build to cross other roads or rails.
However, it is not possible to cross canyons, neither on bottom level, nor on plateau level. So I can’t reach resources which are blocked by rocks.

It is actually possible to cross canyons! It won’t work if you try to have the road crossing the canyon when you create it. Instead, create a road, then using the move tool, drag the end of the road across. You may need to use R and F to mess with the height. This also works for making roads go up/down cliffs, although you need a lot of space for that.

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Ah cool, not what I expected from usability perspective, and it doesn’t look very nice as the pilones of the bridge are hanging in the air without touching ground. but at least it works for crossing canyons (y)
However, tunnels are still not possible.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s really intended to work that way. I would also love to see actual bridges for crossing large/tall gaps.

If there would be more reliëf in the game, it would be more possible and useful to use bridges and tunnels.

tunnels would be really useful in funneling things trough those incredibly annoying mountains