Truck pathfinding interaction with trains: Can we forbid certain items from a train route?


Brilliant game, amazing train updates, love it. Running into this problem where a truck, say, for example, carrying microchip, would

  • drive right past the home robot factory
  • drive into the train station that’s meant to carry home robots around
  • send said microchip one whole way around the world
  • for another truck to then pick it up and maybe send it into the factories later.

This is more so a feature request:
Can we have some sort of

  • a forbid / allow mechanism for what resource can get loaded / offloaded at each train station, or
  • a forbid / allow mechanism for each train route as for what resources they can carry?


Try this. Make a district of one station only. Then select all items you don´t want to be moved by the train and make them stay within this station´s district (let the arrow end in this district). Finally place a train on the track. Repeat for all stations. For me this works. The trains still carry some prohibited items but the resedential areas are uneffected.


Some saves had an issue where goods would take a train detour unnecessarily.

It should be fixed by today’s update: Steam :: InfraSpace :: Patch 8.0.167 fixes train pathfinding issues

Let me know if you get an issue like that in Alpha 8.0.167 again.

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