Truck continually getting stuck (5.8.33)

Since the last update (5.8.33.), truck stop moving in random places, one type gets stuck, other types will pass, but when more than one over a type gets stuck, all types get stuck.

Just a quickie…
5.8.33 mutch red roads, red factories,(100% no bar action) ,no trafic…
revertet to 5,7,32, got trafic :slight_smile:

should pack my bags…in just a minute… hehe!!

home stationary pc
away Laptop

Hey @peterld1 thanks for the report.
Do you have a save game with a car that’s stuck?

If you send it to me for investigation (, that will make fixing the bug a lot easier. Thanks!

@swemiltech If you get red buildings when loading an old save this update that’s because most buildings have different space requirements this update. You can use the move tool to give them enough space easily.

I haven’t got that saved game anymore, but I had a research lab, and 3 science pack1 on either side of a default road. One of the pack1s was directly opposite the lab. It was the trucks from the pack1s that got stuck, I think trying get to the lab from three different directions did it. I played around a bit, deleted the lab, I put back in with a horseshoe road leading to it, and that seemed to solve it. An odd truck got stuck but they didn’t cause a jam.