Tree stumps and re-planting of saplings

I sometimes need to remove a tree or tree stump that’s in the way. In the current build you have to quickly lay a section of path to block the new sapling from being planted. A nice quality of life improvement would be that when you right clicked on the tree stump, you could select “Remove stump without re-planting”. I think it would need to be just the stump selected, rather than a permanent modifier, or you could risk total deforestation (which would be bad! :sob::sob::sob:)


I have not seen my foresters replanting new saplings. I think these saplings grow for theirselves.

You might already know this so ignore me if you do. Another way to get rid of saplings so that you can build is to cut down the tree as well as cut down the stump. After a little bit of time, a tiny sapling will start growing where the tree was before. If you right click on this sapling, you’ll get an option that says Remove.

This would be slower than the way you are handling it right now. But if you know where you’re going to be building ahead of time, you could cut the trees down in advance to make sapling removal easier. That’s how I do it at least. :smile:

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If you remove the sapling and don’t build anything on top of the tile, does the game eventually plant another sapling in the same spot?

Sapling regrow alone if you cut the stumps.

Thanks, I understand that. But if you delete a sapling, will another sapling replace it, or will that tile stay without growth.

The only thing that could stop the tree from growing back is if you put floor where the previous tree was. :slight_smile:

thats why i want grass/ground floor tiles not just for the gardening but for those also :slight_smile:

Hopefully To answer your question clearly, You can remove a sapling, but it will eventually regrow unless you build something over that tile. If left empty for (whatever amount of time it takes for saplings to grow) one will regrow and you would need to remove it again.

I have been caught with this, removed a sap, got busy with something else and didnt get back to it in time, and had to remove again before i could build.

Hope this answers your question

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