Trains stop for no reason before a track split

Ok, so I have a pretty big rail network, and one particular spot that I just built has a major problem.

There is a small station off the side of the main rail line. 2 tracks (one for inbound, the other for outbound) go out of the station to the mainline, where there is a junction. At this junction, trains passing by can go straight thru the junction, and trains can enter and exit the mainline in all directions. The tracks bridge over each other, so it looks like a highway junction.

The problem (it’s in the title) is that at this one particular junction, trains keep stopping (and staying stopped) before getting to a track split, even though there are no other trains in the way.

I hope you guys at Dionic can get this fixed quickly, because this rail junction is critical to the function of my city, and things will quickly go downhill if trains keep stopping.

Ok update here

I got it working, and found the problem.

The tracks between the diverging tracks and merging tracks were all “orange” signal zones, so I guess that was confusing the train AI.

I was able to get rid of the orange zones by deleting and replacing some of the track between the switches.