Trains not picking up ore

Have come across an issue when using trains to supply Electronics production buildings with iron ore. It works to start with and enough ore is being delivered but after a while the trains stop picking up iron ore and the Electronics production buildings run dry. There’s plenty of iron ore in the station connected to the miners and trains supplying other production lines still pick up iron ore. The trains aren’t prevented from reaching either the supplying or receiving stations. Deleting the connections in the train lines tab, and then re-inputting them works for about 5 minutes and then the same thing happens again - fails to pick up ore and production grinds to a halt and city eventually downgrades all habitats. Have emailed across the save file in case it’s of use.

Started a new map and have had the same issue ocurr again but with sand transported by road. The miners are sat there with plenty of sand in storage but won’t release it to the microchip production area. The only other sand consumption is a small concrete production assembly which hasn’t got any traffic congestion leading to it. Pics demonstrate lack of sand in microchip production buildings, plenty of sand production and no traffic congestion. All roads are connected correctly as ocasional dribbles of sand reach the microchip buildings but only 1 or 2 at a time.

I got the same thing - I couldn’t deliver aluminium via train. You might not have set up districts, a proper railway loop (as in no dead ends), or you could be overproducing - this might be the case as you have 300 spare sand. It was for me (I think).

Edit: If it’s none of these, send a file to the devs.

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I think you’re right - need to set up districts which I’m now in the process of doing :slight_smile:

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