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Could anyone point me in the direction of some train help please? Perhaps a video tutorial? Thanks. :smiley:

Train are fairly simple to use.
You place a train station and connect it to another station, which kind doesn’t matter.
Just make sure it’s connected and can loop back.
Trains go to their destination and back, picking up and dropping needed supplies, unlike the cars who deliver without going back.

-edit: bigger explination

Above is a basic 1 rail system.

In your lefthand menu there’s an option called Train Lines.
Click it and it will show your lines.

First click the ¬Ībutton in the green circle, this will add a train line.
Then click the ¬Ībutton in the red circle to select your stations.
Once you got that set-up then all you need to do is choose the amount of trains you want on that line in the yellow circle.

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Hi - thanks for the fast reply. I created the train and the line, but how do I get the goods onto the train? Does it just happen eventually? Also while I’m here, are any trains for commuters? Thanks again.

There are entry and exit roads connected to the station (check the arrows for the direction).
Once these are connected and there is a demand for the goods the cars will automaticly send them to the station.

As far as I know trains are only for goods.
Haven’t really seen any inhabitants anywhere except when they arrive.

Thank you. Will give it another go. :slight_smile:

Can confirm pretty much everything can travel on a train. For fun, I have a small city that gets all supplies (and inhabitants) through train deliveries from my main city

To expand on OracleOne‚Äôs statement, ‚ÄúOnce these are connected and there is a demand for the goods the cars will automaticly send them to the station‚ÄĚ:

When I was first learning how trains worked / trying to get goods into the station, one of the things I tried was to make the station a district and point goods into it from other districts. This does not work at all.

The game views train lines/stations the same way it views roads; a route a truck can choose to take to arrive at some destination. If there is no destination within a district (a district containing just a station for example), no trucks will ever spawn from directed districts to go there.

To summarize, trucks will only end up in your train station if they can get to their destination from another station on your train line AND decide that doing that is quicker than just taking a road.

Yes, I have smaller cities. Have you ever ‚Äėseen‚Äô people getting on the train to go to work etc? That would be so cute.

Not sure if it was pointed out or not, but its also based on space ports. Meaning if 1 city has them (space ports) and the other dont, if you have trains connecting the 2 city’s they will travel on the train. Not sure if the main city has to max out or not 1st, never tested that.

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Just noticed two citizens at my station. :smiley:

Trains really need some work, even with multiple lines they drive really stupid, they block each other, i would like to set them where they should delete that cargo, buy the wayyou can split one train line in many others. i comein with one line and split up to 4

Why not build overpasses?

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