Trains and tracks, getting around oddities

When trains stop working there is no means to find out why.
One train/ one track has stopped and all the others are backed up.
And a train stuck in station cannot even be clicked on to identify it.
Not all Track errors are highlighted in red. It could be:
Track, Interchange, One track does not meet with another track properly, at the right angle (whatever that is?)

  • Best to have no slope on either track where they meet. Get rid off any slope before the points intersection.
  • Between slopes, have at least one square of level track. All sorts of weird things can happen like a straight track becomes curved - and it’s the dreaded red!
  • If there is a raised track over another track, make sure there is no slope down until clear of the lower track. Run the track a square at the same height before joining them.
  • If, as a last resort, you rebuild the whole track and an interchange the train shows its path where the track used to be. It does not update to the new track path.
  • And a train stuck in station cannot even be clicked on anyway!!
  • Deleting all the trains and the immediately rebuilding them resets the track paths, does work (sometimes forever, sometimes for a while). The only link between the trains window and the track is the colour. Build a few tracks and the difference in colours all becomes hard to tell apart. Having the ability to name the track and not use it seems a bit of a waste.
  • The ability to delete just the stuck trains because the trains are not number #1 #2 #3… on a given track. Have to delete them all.
    I wonder if this game is meant to have ONE TRAINLINE to ONE TRACK?
    Also, does anyone know if materials are relayed between trainlines to get them to their destination.
    Is there a commuter distance limit? I built an enormous suburbia way over the other side of the map linked to the industries via loads of high speed trains and freeways and waited for the perps to get to work… do they work form home?

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