Train Trouble

Hey to start this off, apologize if I’m putting this topic in the wrong place! It’s probably not a bug, so I didn’t put it there.

So I’ve got a small super efficient concrete setup that bogs down due to traffic. Seen a couple issues like this on the forum already, and it would be super easy to fix with districts and multiple store houses.

What I wanted to do, was set up a train line and frikkin’. Superload up a trains, just to watch it unload a ton of trucks at the far off storehouse. Issue I’m having is the factories are sending very little trucks to the train station. Each train is departing with a top load of 100 concrete, but more often then not, they’re departing with a puny load of 20-50. This causes my throughput of concrete to absolutely nose-dive, from around 200 a minute to maybe 10 or 20.

Someone wanna talk me through what I’m doing wrong here? Is there a limit to how much concrete can be loaded, vice other materials?

Any help is greatly appreciated, let me know if you’d like to see screenshots. Thanks!

Try building multiple storage buildings at the far station, all connected to the station.

Sounds like the issue I’ve got which I asked about on Steam yesterday. My issue is with everything I’ve tried to move though, not concrete (I’ve not tried to move concrete by train). If you can, click on a train before it arrive at the pickup location so you can see it’s inventory. Confirm it picks up the large amount you see go in, and then keep watching to see if the number go down over the journey. This is what’s happened to me and it definitely seems like a bug.

Since my problem was oxygen, my entire city is dead since the 2500 population has dropped to all tier 1 buildings with no one inside, so this is a pretty major issue.

@christopher_glenn’s idea is worth trying.

The reason is this: Storehouses can hold unlimited resources. In order to not flood your city with traffic, they only request a limited amount of concrete / steel at a time. As long as all requests are being filled by cargo in transit, the storehouse does not request any more.

So the solution is more storehouses? Lemme try that out.


Yup, multiple storehouses fixed the issue. Thanks! I’ll play around with the set up to get that aesthetic I was looking for.