Train Traffic forwarding via middle station a->b->c

I noticed that resources always exist on the first hop.

I have an industrial area (A) that produces most of the fancy products.
Then a train line should distribute to my two cities (B) and (C).

I have cut all roads to (C) and now I see a funny effect.
The resources for (C) travel on the road to (B) and then enter a train for (C)

I managed to work around it by having one line that does (A) <-> (B) and another that does (A) <-> (C)

It would be nice if I could have one line that would go (A → B → C → B → A) that could carry resources from (A) to (C) while stopping in (B) letting some resources out there.


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This should work. Each car decides which route is the shortest, including trains. Maybe the cars think it’s faster to go to B first?

I was able to reproduce it and made you a video.
Now I notice that the resources in the train also disappear, maybe they get sent back to the last train station?

The raw video is here:

Vimeo takes it sweet time to process :upside_down_face: but here is the location where it should appear “soon”

Ok, thanks for the video. I’m not sure I understand it to be honest. Which station is the station B that cars go to instead of A? Which is C?

The resources might be disappearing from the train because they are stored in the train station to be picked up by another train. You can click on the train station to find out.

I used an existing save where I already had three stations for the economy to work.

  • A was the Berg (mointain) station
  • B was the Fuss am Berg (the beginning of the mountain) station
  • C was the Industrie (industry) station
  • B1 was the Stadt (city) station, but it was not relevant for the test

I noticed that the resources from A would disappear in B and never reach C.
I can make a shorter video with a smaller distribution

Good news, the latest Update fixed the problem :partying_face:
Thank you!

I reloaded the save file with the weird behaviour. I noticed that the traffic was fixed when I deleted some of the factories that did not get any resources.