Train Stations not distributing

Possible bug making this unplayable
Two train stations with a Carbon collection on one side, carbon distro on the other, both linked. Trains linked, no conflict, schedule properly set. Train station is not moving any goods (carbon, food, etc) from A to B, currently storing thousands. How to fix without losing 2K+ of resources of each type ?

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How many trains do you have on the line? I dont see any trains in your screenshot.

After building a train station, you have to set everything up in the Train menu.

click on the + to add trains to your line. A single train can only transport 200-600 units, depending on the difficulty selected. You may need to spawn 10 or more trains on your line.

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Hey thanks for the response. Yes, there are trains on the track by default 2.
they cycle into station, pick up 13 of one item leaving all the cars on the track empty.
Things I’ve tried to remedy:
-Replaced Stations
-Replaced entire track system
-Replaced stations before new track built and vice versa
-Adding Trains (up to 7)
-Removing Trains (Down to 0/1)

The only thing that seems to work (and temporarily at that) is setting the station list to A->B->A instead of A->B. If I do this, the first two trains that come through the station fill up every car (though still not a full train, Usually like 250+/- of the 300 Train Inventory) taking much more product, however AFTER the first two-ish trains, it the goods return to being stuck

I have SO MUCH piling up in this station, I cannot progress any further in my current build :frowning: all the negative reviews on steam mentioning the trains being the biggest bug in this game. I hope it gets fixed and soon

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Hi @Infrabear
Sorry for the late response.

Was the issue resolved?
If not, can you please send us your save so we can investigate?

You can find your saves in
settings/options → open saves folder

Zip your save and send it directly to

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Hi Infrabear, I have the same problem. For me this always happens when the trains are predominantly loaded with goods for the habitats or products for my industry. This usually leads to massive migration because neither the habitats nor the manufacturing companies can be supplied, there are then far too few jobs left and there is a lack of production everywhere because demand is no longer being met. For these reasons, all cities/habitats are then downgraded and the residents move out.

The trains will only run again when only 20 - 30% of the jobs are occupied. This generally ends in an endless loop, you have to laboriously rebuild and then you usually have too many buildings, streets, production plants, etc.
By the way, I also did what you wrote, I have 4 - 8 trains running on different track types per line. Only the train lines that come from the mines work and those loaded with goods simply stay in the stations until… see above

See if this situation occurs when the population declines rapidly and massively. For me, when the trains stop running, it’s a sign that things are about to go downhill again. It’s like that all the time for me. Yesterday the game was still running perfectly, the population was higher than the available jobs and today the trains suddenly stopped (except for the ones from the mines). Within a few minutes, almost 75% of the residents moved out because the habitats were downgraded due to this and suddenly I didn’t have enough workers.

Luckily it saves automatically and I save regularly - I’ll try it with earlier saves and maybe I can find out what’s happening here.

In any case, I still like the game and I also think it’s great that it plays “itself” without having to constantly sit in front of the PC and only intervenes when something important comes up. Watching is also fun!

I found a few unrealistic “bugs” in the game, which I might post here too if I don’t figure it out on my own.

Finally, I hope this description is helpful to some players. Thanks for reading and best wishes to the community


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The only solution I’ve found to this is to delete the train station and reconnect it to the line.

I too have seen the train stations filled with goods bug. From what I can tell, this happens when goods in-transit lose their path to a customer.

Car paths can be changed if you delete or re-route the road. Cars with no possible path to their assigned customer get deleted (and a few that can’t get the updated path fast enough), but the majority of them get updated with the new path.

I think the cars in the train station get stuck in the queue. My theory: cars that would have been deleted if they were on a road are not being deleted, causing the cars behind them in the train queue to stack up.