Train Stations not distributing

Possible bug making this unplayable
Two train stations with a Carbon collection on one side, carbon distro on the other, both linked. Trains linked, no conflict, schedule properly set. Train station is not moving any goods (carbon, food, etc) from A to B, currently storing thousands. How to fix without losing 2K+ of resources of each type ?

How many trains do you have on the line? I dont see any trains in your screenshot.

After building a train station, you have to set everything up in the Train menu.

click on the + to add trains to your line. A single train can only transport 200-600 units, depending on the difficulty selected. You may need to spawn 10 or more trains on your line.

Hey thanks for the response. Yes, there are trains on the track by default 2.
they cycle into station, pick up 13 of one item leaving all the cars on the track empty.
Things I’ve tried to remedy:
-Replaced Stations
-Replaced entire track system
-Replaced stations before new track built and vice versa
-Adding Trains (up to 7)
-Removing Trains (Down to 0/1)

The only thing that seems to work (and temporarily at that) is setting the station list to A->B->A instead of A->B. If I do this, the first two trains that come through the station fill up every car (though still not a full train, Usually like 250+/- of the 300 Train Inventory) taking much more product, however AFTER the first two-ish trains, it the goods return to being stuck

I have SO MUCH piling up in this station, I cannot progress any further in my current build :frowning: all the negative reviews on steam mentioning the trains being the biggest bug in this game. I hope it gets fixed and soon

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Hi @Infrabear
Sorry for the late response.

Was the issue resolved?
If not, can you please send us your save so we can investigate?

You can find your saves in
settings/options → open saves folder

Zip your save and send it directly to