Train Station Roads, Multi Hub Collection/Distribution

Ive been using the trains to distribute resources. however i find it very frustrating i cannot input more than 4 “Input roads” into the stations and distribution hubs.

Train stations
i would like to use all 6 roads on the train stations to either input or output from. aka large depot drop off train station. and one large depot collection station (6 roads in) or (6 roads out) or the option to change the direction of the roads on the stations to facilitate this. or perhaps one side all inputs and other side all outputs?

Perhaps even the ability to change lane directions on train stations with the road lane switcher?

Main reason for this is suggestion is my factories that are close together and shipping to the other side of the map have huge traffic jams at all 4 inputs. or outputs and adding additional train stations does not solve the obstacles.

Distribution hubs and Collection hubs.
Can these be multi input? like 2 in and 2 out? or directly connectable to a train station? or train station distribution/collection hubs with each road configurable to each resource to export?

having 10 distribution nodes and 10 collection nodes when you only need 1 collection for 2 mines (full used) and 1 distribution center for both resources. or whatever you choose.

Kinda like the cement and steel material storage. but for maybe 2-4 types of resources. this way we aren’t always having such chaos of roads and mess trying to get them all figured out. and constantly fighting and changing the road layouts every traffic jam that starts when you make more of a section of new city and people are moving in.

just some suggestions. im sure i didn’t write this well but i hope you understand

Also note Bug: Trains do not take full resources in station to station available that need it. Despite being the only two stations on the line. transporting materials from one station to the next should be automatic. and the stations that are full should fill a train to the station that is not. vise versa

Trains have a limited capacity.
On easy transport difficulty, the train capacity is 600 units, on normal it is 400, and on hard it is 200.

The 4 input roads to the train station can handle more traffic/ressources than a single train.
If the ressources pile up in the station, you need to build additional railways with more trains.

i understand it can handle the resources thats no issue really other than trains dont take full cargo capacity and opt sometimes to only take 5% capacity when station is packed full.

now the idea for the train stations is so we can manage train stations easier.

it does become quite the mess when you have output train stations with no inputs needed. (main stations)

i have also become kinda uneased when backed into a corner and unable to make easy turn arounds at train stations. unable to flip track directions in the station for easy loops.

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