Train route handling problems

Oh my, so many issues with trains…

My biggest issue at the moment is that I happened to be in “delete” mode as I was removing some leftovers when I went into the “train routes” menu to set up a new train line. I create a new train line, want to add a station, and bang, the station is gone. I don’t think anyone plans to remove train stations or other things when assigning train stops in the game.

My second issue is that creating train routes is a royal pain. If the engine for some reason “thinks” the track is broken somewhere, it does not allow the train to go there. Which would be OK if I could actually see where the problem is. PLEASE put up a marker at the spot where the game engine “thinks” that the line is broken, just like the “T” in Cities: Skylines when a one-way road terminates in the wrong position.

Apart from that: Nice game so far.

One other thing you could easily improve: show the games version number somewhere, e.g. in the settings menu, so one can include the game version in a bug report.

Yup the trains are all messed up. I commented in another post about this. I have the same issues as you

maybe a trains tutorial would be helpful. I have not been able to get any trains running.