Train release issues

This is more of a heads up to people running the new release.

When it loaded my world for the first time, the game did a conversion step of the saved data. I needed to pause the simulation and cleanup the following:

  1. I have areas with tightly packed buildings that now had collisions. Some could be re-seated by moving while snap to road was active. Others needed to be carefully adjusted with snap turned off.
  2. A few overpass road constructs went into collision.
  3. All of my traffic intersections reset to their default routing as if I had just laid the roads.
  4. I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like curved road segments were reset to being angular.

The first 2 items were flagged with error icons, but the intersections I noticed when they triggered congestion problems.

Thank-you for the dead-end error icon and path visualization. Those will be a big help with troubleshooting cities. I haven’t had a chance to try the trains yet.

I got a minimal train loop going that had a Meal production chain on one end and my main neighborhood on the other. It seemed that the train stations had demands that were overriding all the local demands. In the Meal production chain meat was refusing to go to the meal factories even though the factories had no meat in their input queue. The train station near the neighborhood was also appeared to be demanding all the resources, even though it had nowhere to send them.

Hi @Geoffrey yes, these are all some minor things that happen when you convert an old save to the new version. I hope it’s not too inconvenient!

@sunzoo Cars can only enter the train station if they can be sent someplace else. Click on a car about to enter the train station and you can see its intended path.

If you find any pathing issues: You can send me a screenshot and your Player.log files (settings → open saves folder) and I’ll have a look.