Train issue

After all my reports, i figure out that trains will only transport out 400 items at a time. So if you produce more than the trains can take out, game breaks, plus the closest 1st.

Fun game and i like building, but these limits and changes make it worth not playing anymore.

The train limit depends on your traffic difficulty. How does the game break?

Train facilty have no max on resources. So for example in my latest build, the train station (4) had over 10k items in it, but the trains themselves only carry 400. So while the production level shows everything is good, its not. In order to fix that issue, i had to keep adding more trains to the tracks.

While this is faster in ways, if you using roads, even if long, you wont see this issue.

There no warning or any idea behind this issue that helps. You just have to remember to check the trains output. My suggestion would be add the ability to see train station output more visual, or warning messages of somekind.

The game breaks cause the city shows it need resources that a produced, just not being deliveried, thus the city falls droping the population below workers needed, making it were u have to delete and start over. Unless you relize like i did, it was the train station causing all the problems.

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