Train help

So I’m enjoying the game mostly, but trains are frustrating me. Im looking to find a use for them. I’m trying to send industrial robots that are heading to my residential block “upstream” to my industrial areas, but when I try to add the routes, the stations won’t connect and I keep getting red highlights on those stations. I’m missing something, and am at loss as to how to use trains to any good effect.

I’m having a similar problem. I just got this game for Christmas so I am fairly new, but the trains don’t seem to be working.

I have aluminum and iron at one station with a closed loop connecting to a drop off station. All of the minors are full and the trains keep looping without trucks coming to fill the trains. I used to have only some iron going through the circuit but they stopped doing so. I also see three lines next to stations when setting up a line but they don’t appear to do anything. Could this be a bug? If anyone has more experience with trains, I would love some help.

Make sure that there is a rail connection at the end of the platform (small loop) for the return route. You need a outward and inward connection on each station. Also the stations have an in and out for the roads. Make sure that you have at least 1 off each connected.

Yea I think I forgot the trains can’t loop in the actual station….be nice if they could.

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Something else I have noticed. I currently want to ship a bunch of aluminum via train to facilities that need it, yet the trains will hold a dismal amount of product, while apparently my mines sit idle with full storage. I remove the station, and a flood of aluminum cascades down my highways. I feel like trains could be more efficient, as they appear to not be at capacity when going down the tracks.