Train Bugs

If you have loaded trains, and either reduce the number of trains on a line, or delete a line - all goods are lost (this is expected). The bug is the destination is not updated as to the loss of the delivery. They still say x number being delivered, but they never arrive (due to being lost with the train).

I am overloading trains, 799 per train, with growing delays between stations. I upgraded to larger stations, and put in 2 parallel rail lines from different platforms on each station. then made 2 lines, one on each platform between the same 2 stations. remove / add track to put all one line on one track, and the other on the second one. The bug is all freight goes on one line, (the first one created) still 799 per train, and the second line is 0. It appears that when cargo gets to a station, it picks a line, and is stuck with it until unloaded. Even if another train to the same destination arrives first, the cargo sits there waiting on the first line.

I have several stations going from point a to b ,c ,d ,e. I have 1 line with multiple trains going from a,b,c,b. and another a,b,c,d,e,d,c,b. All freight gets on the same line (the first line created) and rides from a-c, then changed to the other train at statin c to go from c-d or c-e.

I saw this by clicking on a truck heading to the train network, and watching it continue until delivered. In some cases 2 trains came and went on the line it ended up taking before it loaded. Both before and after tracking the truck the trains on that line showed 799 per train leaving that station. Trains on the other parallel line appeared empty at the time, as well as showing 0 before and after tracking the truck.


Thanks for the report. 1) is a bug and we’ll look into it

  1. might be a misunderstanding. I’m not sure how your lines are set up, but if you have 2 lines a->b and a->b, goods will always use the same one. You can however just use multiple platforms in your stations and increase the amount of trains on one line.
    Make sure your game is up to date, otherwise they won’t choose free platforms.

  2. You have some interesting use cases. In InfraSpace, goods take the shortest path and if 2 paths are the same lengths, one is chosen randomly - but this random choice is the same for every good. This means goods will not smartly take this train or that train to reduce load on other trains.
    I’ll think about this use case.

How many trains do you have per line and how many platforms per station on average? Are you having train line throughput issues?

I have multiple trains per line, just enough to one arrives at a platform right before or right after the current one leaves. I am attempting to minimize loaded trains waiting, and the goods ageing on them.

Yes, I am having throughput issues, with 2 platforms per line all trains in one direction are 799 for many trains. then the occasional 750 or 760 something. with a single platform per line, even with 2 parallel lines, all trains on the used line were 799. after cutting off the roads leading into the station, there were still several 799 trains departing. so the traffic was far more then a single platform could handle. I am abusing the trains.

Interesting, thanks. We do have train upgrades as a medium prio item on our list to give them more capacity and/or speed.