Train AI improvements

Hi there, I feel like the distribution AI in the game needs a little improvement.

Those little arrows in a mining resource or factory don’t seem to do anything. I suppose we could do with storage being for everything, but that each unit sits next to a train station and fills up so the station can then move resources around as required or something.

It’s like the system is timed for at point of need, rather than a ‘just in time’ service - it’s like the factories need to pull a resource from its point of origin when the unit has space in storage for the resource it uses, but these demands need to be on a lower priority list than factories that have zero items for production?

If a chain is on the road network, it seems to do this, if it’s on the rail network, it seems not to.

Transporting goods on trains seems totally broken in many ways.

I’m in a situation now where I have a train station with 800+ computers.
One train station away, there is a huge demand for computers.
The train is picking up 18 computers, of 800.
My city block is downgrading becuase the trains does not pick up the goods! :frowning:

It’s cool that they create new stuff for the game.
But please, fix the basics first.

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