Traffic tweaks suggestion

Hello. I’d like to suggest what I consider to be a vital feature of the game’s traffic behavior.

Currently, cars go into the lane that was chosen at the last intersection, and stay on that lane unless they need to go in a direction for which the next intersection requires them to use another lane. Not even for queueing to go into a building do they change lanes, which means that in most streets no more than one lane is used, cars often use only the middle lane for queueing, and cars that are just passing by never overtake and have to queue for a building that is not their destination.

So I suggest the following behavior for cars, which I believe wouldn’t be too difficult to implement:

1- Right after intersections, cars should always prefer the outermost lane and change immediately when possible, including after overtakes.

2- When encountering a queue for the same destination building or one that comes earlier in the street, they should queue right behind and wait.

3-When encountering a queue for a building that is not their destination, cars should change to the lane immediately to their left (right-hand traffic) and overtake.

4- If a queue from a later building grows to meet an earlier building’s queue, cars should use the rightmost lane that is free (usually the second rightmost) in order to queue up, and change to the right when the destination of the earlier queue is passed.

5- As a bonus: When an intersection demands that a car changes lane in order to go a certain direction, cars should make the change with anticipation, instead of changing at the last moment, which is the current behavior. It would also be nice to have animations for lane changes instead of the current teleport or “pop”.

Thank you for your dedication and best wishes.


we really need this. maybe if they don’t already have an idea the next update can be the “traffic update” that revamps traffic (and makes multi-lane roads actually useful)

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