Traffic jams for unknown reasons

You have to be on your toes in order to catch the onset of traffic jams. It seems like a building will stop accepting deliveries and trucks will back up onto the road. If you catch it early, you can move that building and traffic will start to flow again. But, it you do not catch it early and it spreads over a large area, it can be difficult to determine which building is causing the problem. It would be good if the building causing the problem could be highlighted somehow. Light it up maybe.

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Yes, like the idea though not too sure if it would be easy to implement :thinking:
Really is the main problem to keeping all the deliveries on a reasonable schedule :sweat_smile:

What do you mean by “stop accepting deliveries”?
Are the trucks on the access road backing up?

If so, that’s a bug and I’d appreciate any save file where this might be happening :slight_smile:

Yes, the deliveries must have been scheduled (requested), but the trucks back up on the driveway out into the street and will eventually lock up an ever increasingly large area

Do you have a save file where this is happening?
If so, you can send it to me for investigation (Posting and Sending Error Reports)

I am also having traffic jam issues for similar issues. I have a storage building that has stopped accepting trucks.
I also have an issue with trucks turning from the wrong lane, cutting off other trucks, and if they cannot complete the turn due to an intersection blockage or a building not letting the truck in, traffic