Traffic issue

cars bunch up at some road nodes, both highway and super highways. the space of a single car can have hundreds or thousands of cars within it. clicking ignore traffic causes a long stream of cars to appear from that spot, similar to traffic leaving a train station.

I also noticed this very early on in my new save. I think this should be fixed with priority because this will cause a lot of unpleasantness down the road. I saw many players complaining that their habitats were downgrading for example and no matter how much production they have it won’t be enough. Or Incoming storage being empty but mines not delivering. I assume it’s because all those deliveries are stuck in a practically invisible traffic jam.

yes … stack of a 100 at the arrow. the ‘traffic trap’ spots seem to be connection points after road modification. only sure way for now is to play on ‘ignore traffic’ which kinda defeats the purpose. The connection point on the left has a simular stack.

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