Traffic AI improvement

I just want to share my frustration with traffic lights and offer what i believe would be a solution.
Currently, vehicles can change lane right up to the intersection, including it, which means you can’t have the current default set up. For example, you have two six-lane roads crossing, and you decide to put a traffic light, this way, each lane should be a direction, left lane for turning left, middle-straight and right for turning right. The problem arises when all vehicles come from the same lane and then decide, at the intersection, which lane suits them best, which, lets say all traffic comes from the middle lane, makes it so that all turning left traffic has to go through the green straight and then green left traffic lights, making it so that one vehicle wanting to turn left is clogging up all the straight and right turning traffic. I hope that’s enough explanation about the problem. The solution:
My current aproach has been changing the set up on all traffic lights to one branch getting all green and the rest all red (yes, including right turning traffic, this accomplishes a better funcionality of the ‘skip phase when no cars’ tick function). This is all players can do, but a better solution would be changing the behavior of the vehicles so that they aren’t allowed to change lane as they pleased and instead use a method similar to Cities Skylines, where they can only change lane in certain nodes and we can choose (with Traffic Manager Mod in the case of CS but without mods in this game) where they change and where they dont change lane, this way, traffic would stack up in the correct lanes where they want to go, instead of all stacking in the middle one (or whatever lane RNGesus decides, its not RNGesus, there’s a method to this madness, but its not fixable). As long as we are also allowed to modify the intermediate nodes, so that we are not moving the problem from the intersection to one node before the intersection, but as many as required (in CS usually 3 nodes of no changing lane is more than enough).
Anyways, thank you for your attention :slight_smile:


I wholeheartedly agree with this post and the suggestion - I’ve seen too many cases where not only does one vehicle disrupt the whole lane worth of traffic, but also it then changes back to it original lane or another lane to reach its target building and I’m not sure shortest path to destination is the reason here (but it’s definitely not RNGesus… :smiley:),

Please see about implementing a better pathing solution for our transporters and pereperebly with less CPU hogging (yes, I’m asking for the world, I know, but Factorio did it, I’m sure you can too) or maybe use more threads/cores if they available,

Thank you for this great game and keep up the good work and we want more content (DLCs are ok in small and fruitful amount - maybe you should have gone the Surviving Mars way and provided the terra-forming solution in DLC for those that want it, unless there is a point to doing it ?)

Even Cities Skyline’s “get into lane asap” system is better.

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