Trading Village?

I feel like there should be villages. I don’t like waiting for traders to come for scrolls. There should be like a village where you can trade anytime.

Probably a bit hard as you need ships to bring goods onto and off the island - trade.

Then you would add another village to an already fairly full island with all the complexities of dealing with the Tiki’s and your own village. It would also make that part of the game too easy with no strategy of planning ahead for when ships will arrive and what they will trade and for how much now!

You can trade with the TG’s - I’ve currently befriended one village and willing to trade in my first year.

Andy :slight_smile:

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Have you seen that you can trade with goblins now, @Shu?

Also, if you need the trader to come early, you can ask the guild if they can take a detour for you.

Hi All
The goblin strongholds have technically been converted to villages after the patch.
The game I’m playing has 5 goblin villages. Two of them are friendly, one is neutral and two are enemies. It has added an additional layer of interest and frustration (their demands can be quite expensive).
It would be nice if the friendly goblins would send trading parties in the same way that enemy goblins send raiding parties. I think that would add additional interest to the game.


Hi Berrin,

A good idea with the friendly villages sending out trading patrols as the distances on these larger maps makes it impossible to walk to the most distant villages - without building a ‘stop over hut’ 3/4 of the way there.

My goblins are all quite aggressive except one which I befriended early, the others are -50 to -100 and had 8 attacks in 4 years. Agree, their demands are too high to actually send tribute and expect it is just an excuse to attack. Its part of the game so don’t really mind, just interesting.

Didn’t find the diplomat button until late year 2 and made some major errors in judgement early in this game. Still it adds a great new element to the game and will enjoy my next island even better.

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I agree with this!
I think it would also be pretty cool if you could “request assistance” from “Friendly” factions when you are under attack.

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Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

@ItsGazzaBro hat’s actually one of the features we wanted to add for the Diplomacy Update, but couldn’t make it in time. I hope we’ll find time to sneak this in with one of the other updates :wink:

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Well the impossible is possible… :laughing:

I thought that the goblins traveled faster than our Foundationers, but they don’t. So it is fairly easy to travel across large distances without many problems as long as you leave fully loaded.

Also the friendly goblins will meet you half way to trade, if you talk to them nicely :stuck_out_tongue:


When I go to attack a distant camp, then I put a basket for raw food and a sleeping bag halfway. And also put a rack with healing potions and eat the drugs before the fight. That the settlers did not die of hunger and impotence. And I put a basket and a sleeping bag next to the distant mines. But in this case you need to follow them so as not to run away home :point_up_2:

Hi Natalie,

You should be able to go across the island and back to your village without too many problems.

Leave with 100% food and energy.

Attacking any goblin village can be difficult. It really just depends on how you want to play to game :smiley: