To the developers: why not pin all resources to the top right bar?

I would really love to have all resources pinned on the top right bar. Right now there are only concrete and steel. To see all the other resources we have to click on left and select the various overlays. This is as I see it not user friendly. And there are not that many resources either.

Thread also on Steam forum: To the developers: why not pin all resources to the top right bar? :: InfraSpace General Discussions

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I’m curious how you think there are not that many resources in the game :joy: If you really put everything in the top bar then it will need many rows, I mean look at the production overview in late game, it even needs quite some scrolling. So I was thinking maybe you only have specific resources in mind, for example those consumed by habitats?

Second question would be how to count the other resources. Concrete and steel count only those in the storage, but not those in factory inputs or outputs and also not the goods on the road. How about the other resources and in what way are those numbers meaningful to you?

One note regarding late game

Once you are storing it, adamantine should really be on the overlay next to concrete and steel. Shouldn’t have its own panel.

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Now I laugh too :smiley: I have not come so far in the game and deduced that these were all the resources/items/features. But I learnt that there are more to come :smiley:

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