Tips & Tricks

Warning. This list contain game spoilers. If you prefer the adventurous way and discovering things for yourself you may not want to read this.

Game Technical

  • Take screenshot with F12. Find screenshot in personal windows folder.


  • Sometimes colonists will build themselves stuck. Moving the furniture that block or moving a door to the wall that block get them unstuck.

  • You can train a job in the bookcase or at training dummy without actually having taken the job.

  • Move items around by holding left mouse button. Only walls and floor can’t be moved.

  • A “Big” room must be minimum 10 tiles.

  • If you tell a colonist to pick up a tool while he already have a tool equipped, he will walk up to the tool you told him to pick up, drop the current held tool and pickup the new.

  • To many graves? Just demolish them.

  • You can cut the large spiky lodges.

  • You can cut down trees, stumps and saplings. And build where they were.

  • Manual farming will yield a lot more food.

  • Chain commands with holding shift. Very useful when gathering apples from multiple trees or burying multiple corpses.

  • To get a colonist to work on something far away. Make sure that he is well fed and slept, tell him to walk in the direction bit by bit to cover the distance. Once he is close chain up his tasks, this is crucial as he may otherwise change mind and do other things in that area. Do not forget to walk him back home by the time he need sleep/food.

  • You can make a colonist carry a snack (food) to eat anywhere by telling him to eat food, watching him pick up the food and cancel it before he eat the food.
    Beware he may eat it anyway when he get hungry.

  • Use “wait here” command instead of “walk” here command if you struggle with colonists having a will of their own.


  • “Remove Equipment” from defeated goblins for free weapons.
    (Beware you currently have no way to dispose of these weapons) If you don’t want more weapons, don’t disarm the goblins, but bury them with their weapon.

  • Destroy goblin hut to stop the spawn of goblin.

  • Make sure that the colonists equipped with bow doesn’t miss all it’s shots or is actually shooting at one of your own. Friendly fire is real.

  • Spoils of war (taking out goblin camp) is barrels, which is better than nothing. As barrels make nice decoration and cost iron to make.


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