This is one of the most unbroken games I've ever played

I recently got this game and I’m really loving it. One thing I noticed immediately was a lack of bugs and glitches. Usually every game I start playing is loaded with them, I’ve just gotten used to it and kind of expect it with most games. The last game I played had so many it was hard to bear playing it. It’s common with every type of game from oldies to newer games, from indy to AAA. Sometimes they’re in your face, sometimes they pop at you like a deer on the road. Regardless, they are often numerous and game breaking. I understand that bigger titles have more room for error but still I’m enjoying the fact that I’ve only ran into two so far. One is that you can build on prelayed building structures, which you can have your base sitting in the air by deleting the bottom sections, which I enjoy because you can make balconies and bridges and highways. And the other one I don’t really understand what happened but my roof overlay was stuck and I couldn’t take it off. Not sure what happened and I had to reload an auto save.

Anyways, thanks to the devs for delivering a great game. I hope it has the opportunity to grow even more. Would be great if there was some sort of capture the flag type invasion event was added, or just a greater variety of off island invaders. I’d love to fight a seige late game.


Hi Spawnface and welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing for over 18 months and enjoyed every minute :sunglasses:

Yes, the game is stable and has rarely had any hiccups along the way. Much of this goes to how the original 2 Dev’s approached building the game and have followed an orderly process of keeping the game stable along the development time line.

Agree that many games fall short when they look at game development.
Many try to keep adding ‘bells and whistles’ while the underlying game stability loses out. A big problem with a lot of Indie and AAA games - a lack of a game plan from with the game…



Being able to delete supports without your house collapsing is intentional. We wanted to give the player some freedom for their designs if they really want to have it :wink:

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I never considered that being an option on the side of a developer. I don’t know anything about developing games so I just thought they automatically were inclined to fix stuff like this. But it’s a great choice not esn’t harm the game and adds more to it. Plus it’s fun finding those little tweaks.

Although, what I found was also a little different. After deleting the whole structure the grid to build on was still there and I could keep building without any support beneath it. It was also a blemish on the screen to me so I had to reverse what I did to make it go away. Either way, I enjoy having more building options.