The X factor bug (Alpha 5.3 - 12)

This is a graphics bug. Nvidia GTX 970/i5-6400@2.7GHz/16gb Ram/Samsung 1920x1080 curved 27".
When you click on a building to see its information and then click off to close the popup, the screen does something like a vsync issue, but it is the shape of an X but only for a split second. I have tried on all 3 vsync settings and it still happens. with the graphics set on high it happens frequently, on medium it happens once in a while - sometimes just once, sometimes multiple times in a row then it will stop for 10-15 minutes before happening again. I have not tried it on low graphics.
I did not have this issue with alpha 11.
I am enjoying testing the game. I have started many new cities to try different approaches. I do find going from level 3 to 4 a bit more tedious than it should be.
Hope this helps :smiley:

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Thanks, definitely helps! I put it on the list, but it’s lower priority until I hear more reports on this by other people, too.