the enemy Colony

Hello, i had advanced a part until I got 7 villagers and I had decided to attack the enemy colony of 4 people, but I failed to destroy their colony and I all lost after that battle because of the reappearance of the enemies. Is it possible to destroy the colonies and live in peace?

Hi @Xsarr, welcome to the forum! :smiley:

It is possible to destroy them and people have already done so.
But it’s also really difficult and requires preparation and a good strategy. Maybe some of the other players can weigh in the tactics they use when going into the offensive.

moreover, when one of our characters is stunned next to an enemy, it is difficult to know who is selected with the right click to “kill”. I killed one of my characters because of that

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thanks you, @Daniel

and ok i see, well i take more time for destroy them , thanks you for this answer.

And @Lenoa , for destroy their colony it is better that he is unconscious, because if you kill them he reappears quickly enough whereas if you make them unconscious you have more time to destroy their houses… Well, I still failed, but if you go a little bit more equipped than me, it’s the best solution I think.

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Wait until they raid you and their remaining forces are diminshed, carefully focus the attackers, moving your wounded to bed immediately.

As soon as everyone has eaten and h ealed up attack the tiki camp. Knock everyone out and immediately start destroying the huts. Kill everyone who was knocked out afterwards. It’s a bit trickier to pull off with the larger camp, but even if you just knock out 1 or 2 huts at a time it is doable, even with a small force of 4-5 prepared and equipped (gambeson / stone sword / bow) villagers. Don’t forget to unequip unconscious goblins for extra gold.